Welcome to the official Sid Cocain webpage. It’s getting a bit of an overhaul just now so things may change (or will they) by the time we’re doomed.

I’m an art and music writer, currently contributing to the grind-chic indie publication WHOA Magazine.

I cover the artists, musicians and bands that you may not know of yet – the ones that have so far been able to dodge the mainstream radar, honed with such a sharply cutting edge that their creative slices barely bleed, and can’t be felt. Yet. Some are developed into fully fledged feature ‘articles’ but I find so much inspiration out there, so much…cool shit being made by some cool & talented people, I simply cant write about it all.

The crudely named ‘art’ and ‘music’ buttons take you to places where your eyes and ears can plug into this concious imagination of talent.

If I can direct your attention to the left, these are my Facetwit and Booker feeds – feel free to plug into these and chat, rant or send me rude pictures.

On the right are LINKS to some websites – these could be magazines, artist sites or just utter randomness.

Everyones welcome. No bunnies.



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